Distress Oxide Update

We'd like to provide you with an update on the new Distress Oxide ink pads and Reinkers since some customers are still waiting for their shipment.

If you placed your order prior to 7/24 it should already be shipped or will go out within the next 48 hours. The majority of orders placed on or after 7/24 are waiting until we get the rest of our stock, which will hopefully be in the next 7-10 days. We have had these unforeseen delays due to product lost by FedEx getting shorted certain colors by suppliers.

If you ordered Reinkers, please read the following. We have heard from Ranger that, for some reason, the demand for Reinkers was overwhelming for this release. Many people are ordering Reinkers along with the ink pads, much more so than ever before. They are backed up and cannot keep up with demand. Due to this, we have only been able to fulfill 12% of pre-orders for Reinkers and we do not know exactly when we will have more in stock since we are still waiting on Ranger to send out what we have ordered. We would hope that within the next 1-2 weeks they will ship them to us. 

Because your satisfaction is our top priority, for all orders purchased prior to 7/24, we will ship your order minus the Reinkers then ship the Reinkers to you free of charge as soon as they come in. 

We guarantee that we are doing everything within our power to fulfill your order as quickly as we possibly can! We hate that it has taken this long, but we are ultimately limited by what Ranger and other suppliers will ship to us (we have even tried getting Reinkers through a 2nd and 3rd supplier, but they are out of stock as well!).

If you have any further questions, please let us know at onlyonelifecreations@gmail.com and we will be happy to answer any concerns you may have. 


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