Hope for Life of the Savannah

*Please note that donations will be forwarded to Hope for Life of the Savannah through Living Water Church in Vancouver, WA.

We are excited to be able to support Hope for Life of the Savannah, which is an association founded by our good friend, Dieudonné Ousarama. This association seeks to end child trafficking in the Savannah region of Togo, which has become a massive social issue, as you can learn more about in this BBC video report.

Dieudonné has been given a large piece of land in his home village where he has begun construction on a center of refuge for trafficked kids. He will also use this center to provide jobs for kids in the local community which will help to prevent these kids from being trafficked in the future. 

From May 25, 2023 to June 24, 2023, Only One Life Creations will give 5% of every order to this cause, and we are also giving you the opportunity to donate directly to Hope for Life of the Savannah in your shopping cart. Thank you for your generosity! 


*If you are giving a donation, please do not use a discount code since the discount will be applied to both the donation amount along with the products you purchase. If you need to use a code, please make your donation in a different transaction after placing your order.