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New Website Features!

Product Labels:

Website feature: product labels
You can now easily see information about a product directly on a collection page!
COMING SOON means that the product listing was recently created on our website, but the product has not yet been received.
SOLD OUT mean that the product is no longer in stock. We will receive more of these products as long as they have not been discontinued by the manufacturer.
NEW means that the product was added to our website within the last 60 days.
CLEARANCE means that the product is in our clearance section and will not be restocked again once it has sold out.

Collection Filters:

Website features: collection filtersOur website has always had collection filters, but they are now better than ever! 
New filters include Price, Availability (in stock or sold out), and Stock Status (New Arrivals, Clearance, or Coming Soon).
*Please note that the filters do not work with extremely large collections, so try selecting a more specific collection prior to filtering the products.

Low Stock Warning:

Website feature: low inventory warningOn every product page, you will will now see an inventory status message. If the product is nearly sold out, you will see a count of how many are left.