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$200 sweepstakes & 15% off coupon

Emerald Creek Baked Textures 17g, by Seth Apter: choose your color

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Color: Dirty Sand (BTSHDSA)

Baked Texture is the artist version of Embossing Powders.

These powders have amazing textures and designs that can be glued on or melted for something truly unique and inspirational. Each Baked Texture contains 20 grams of powder.

Description of colors from Emerald Creek:

Ancient Amber is modeled with translucent orange yellows with flecks of debris like fossils trapped in time.

Chunky Rust is modeled with metallic and mat powders to create something mesmerizing and fun to work with.
Colors ranging through reds, oranges, and browns, you are going to love this.

Deep Sea is a liquid looking blend of blues and greens with a high gloss finish that captivates the eye.

Dirty Sand is reminiscent of a stroll along the beach. Soft and rich browns combine to give a uniquely gritty visual effect.

Patina Oxide isn't your average powder. It layers hues of green and chunks of copper for an undeniably perfected aged copper.

Rocky Road is unbelievably textured. It's modeled. It's rough. It's multi-tones literally fuse together to create asphalt magic.

Rustic Indigo is an opaque blend of powders where purple meets blue in a mystifying and textured blend revealing rustic whites throughout. The container is a long-lasting 20 grams.

Blizzard is an opaque blend of matte whites and greys, shimmering and gleaming with glints of silver for a rough, textured look and feel. The container is a long-lasting 22 grams.

Taos Sunset is a warm and opaque blend of reds, oranges, and yellows with a glint of gold, creating a taste of a true Taos sunset. The container is a long-lasting 17 grams.

Vintage Beeswax. This translucent powder can age any project with perfection.
Multi-tones of yellow and brown fuse together for a perfect vintage photo effect.

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