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$200 sweepstakes & 15% off coupon

Spectrum Noir TriBlend Marker, 24 Marker Set

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Our new TriBlend marker has a unique 3-in-1 design. It houses three ink chambers, each delivering separate colour through a fine bullet nib.

We're making it easy to try our popular Spectrum Noir Colouring System before moving onto our core range. These fabulous ‘Blend in a pen’ markers are perfect for on-the-go colouring, quick colouring sessions and more! Our Colouring System makes it easy for crafters and colourists to enjoy the super-smooth coverage and blended effects of alcohol markers. Our unique 3-in-1 TriBlend marker lives within that system and is the perfect way to learn and explore its unique benefits.

Inside every TriBlend marker there’s a perfect gradation of three colours, numbered from light to dark. The result is a smooth, controllable blend with beautiful shades you’ll return to time and again. Now anyone can colour and blend like an expert. It’s easy!

This set includes all of the following blends in 24 markers:

Dark Red Blend: DR1 + DR3 + DR4
Coral Blend: CR1 + CR3 + CR6
Orange Blend: OR1 + OR2 + OR3
Light Yellow Blend: LY1 + LY2 + LY3
Citrus Blend: CT1 + CT2 + CT3
Light Green Blend: LG1 + LG3 + LG5
Citrus Green Blend: CG1 + CG2 + CG3
Dull Green Blend: DG1 + DG2 + DG3
Jade Green Blend: JG1 + JG2 + JG3
Green Turquoise Blend: GT1 + GT2 + GT3
Blue Turquoise Blend: BT3 + BT4 + BT5
Ice Blue Blend: IB1 + IB2 + IB3
True Blue Blend: TB2 + TB3 + TB4
Lavender Blend: LV1 + LV2 + LV3
Purple Blend: PL2 + PL3 + PL4
Hydrangea Blend: HB1 + HB2 + HB3
Bright Pink Blend: BP1 + BP2 + BP3
Pale Pink Blend: PP1 + PP2 + PP3
Tan Blend: TN1 + TN2 + TN4
Earth Blend: EB1 + EB2 + EB3
Gold Brown Blend: GB1 + GB3 + GB5
Brown Grey Blend: BG2 + BG3 + BG4
Ice Grey Blend: IG2 + IG4 + IG5
Fair Skin Blend: FS6 + FS7 + FS8