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Spectrum Noir TriBlend Marker, Choose Your Color

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Color: Bright Pink Blend

Our new TriBlend marker has a unique 3-in-1 design. It houses three ink chambers, each delivering separate colour through a fine bullet nib.

We're making it easy to try our popular Spectrum Noir Colouring System before moving onto our core range. These fabulous ‘Blend in a pen’ markers are perfect for on-the-go colouring, quick colouring sessions and more! Our Colouring System makes it easy for crafters and colourists to enjoy the super-smooth coverage and blended effects of alcohol markers. Our unique 3-in-1 TriBlend marker lives within that system and is the perfect way to learn and explore its unique benefits.

Inside every TriBlend marker there’s a perfect gradation of three colours, numbered from light to dark. The result is a smooth, controllable blend with beautiful shades you’ll return to time and again. Now anyone can colour and blend like an expert. It’s easy!

Choose from the following colors:

Dark Red Blend: DR1 + DR3 + DR4
Coral Blend: CR1 + CR3 + CR6
Orange Blend: OR1 + OR2 + OR3
Light Yellow Blend: LY1 + LY2 + LY3
Citrus Blend: CT1 + CT2 + CT3
Light Green Blend: LG1 + LG3 + LG5
Citrus Green Blend: CG1 + CG2 + CG3
Dull Green Blend: DG1 + DG2 + DG3
Jade Green Blend: JG1 + JG2 + JG3
Green Turquoise Blend: GT1 + GT2 + GT3
Blue Turquoise Blend: BT3 + BT4 + BT5
Ice Blue Blend: IB1 + IB2 + IB3
True Blue Blend: TB2 + TB3 + TB4
Lavender Blend: LV1 + LV2 + LV3
Purple Blend: PL2 + PL3 + PL4
Hydrangea Blend: HB1 + HB2 + HB3
Bright Pink Blend: BP1 + BP2 + BP3
Pale Pink Blend: PP1 + PP2 + PP3
Tan Blend: TN1 + TN2 + TN4
Earth Blend: EB1 + EB2 + EB3
Gold Brown Blend: GB1 + GB3 + GB5
Brown Grey Blend: BG2 + BG3 + BG4
Ice Grey Blend: IG2 + IG4 + IG5
Fair Skin Blend: FS6 + FS7 + FS8

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